'Update Model Reference' causing Layout 2019 to freeze

Hi there

I’m hoping you can shed some light on what’s happening here please.
Layout is freezing when I select Update Model Reference after saving changes to the source scene in Sketchup.

I have to force quit Layout, and again when I try updating, it freezes.


are you able to share the offending file?

How big is the SketchUp model file?

As Paul asked, could you share the LO file?

Do you have the Pages palette open? If so, how many pages are there, and are you in thumbnail view?

Hi DaveR
The SketchUp file is 458kb
I’ve attached the layout file now.

Only three pages, and yes I was in thumbnail view.
Is that an issue?

Hi Paul

I’ve attached the file now.


I opened the .skp file from the LO file and added a circle just to have some reason for LO to update the reference. When I went back to LayOut the update was done in about 2 seconds. This is on Windows 10.

You might try collapsing the Pages palette as Colin suggested. Do you get a different result?

By the way, your LO file contains the client’s name and address as well as yours. You might want to edit your post and remove the LO file from it as it is available to the whole world.

Many thanks, DaveR.
I’ve taken the file down now and will remove those details.

I collapsed the Pages palette but same result.
My iMac is pretty old but not showing any issue with memory or cpu usage.
I’m stumped.

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Did you try closing the Pages panel? Or even switch it to List view. I had an e-mail from a friend today who was having difficulty re-ordering the pages on his Mac with the thumbnail view. When he switched to List view it worked fine. I think the generation of the thumbnails slows things down a lot.

There is certainly something weird and unpredictable about the way Layout behaves, at least on a Mac.

I have recently upgraded from a late 2012 iMac to a reasonably high specced current one. The difference in SU is noticeable, but the difference in LO is small to non-existent. However, I used to have occasional crashes in LO when switching from Raster to Hybrid rendering. I could never deduce any logic to it. It might happen on one file but not another, smaller one. It might happen on the same file on different days. In the words of Mr Spock, it was illogical, captain! But have not encountered that yet on my new machine.

I closed the Pages panel and still experiencing same problem.
I’ve shut everything down and rebooted - no joy.

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Hi Simon
Hmm, my iMac is mid-2010.
I’m trying to hold off shelling out for a new one for as long as I possibly can. Fingers crossed I can find a way to resolve this issue.

I did the same. Mind you, expecting a 10 year old machine to manage current software and OS is a tall order. If you can wait long enough, you will be able to buy a Mac with their own processor. Whether that just brings a slew of its own problems remains to be seen.

It’s all very frustrating given that the spec of my iMac is more than sufficient, but thanks for the moral support, Simon :slight_smile:

So I’ve sent the updated model to a new Layout file and it’s working fine - for now at least.
I’ve also changed the Display Resolution to Low (was Medium) as suggested to me, in the hope it may help form now on.

Thanks all.


Well done. The nice thing is that there is so often a workaround. It’s a shame software sometimes forces you to put on the overalls, get under the hood, and start tinkering with a spanner and oily rag in hand, but there you go!

Hehe, nicely put!