Update a model within another one

Hi there,
As it’s always difficult to write the correct syntax to find what you are looking for, I’ll start a new topic.
Sorry if it has already been asked :blush:
I have created several projects with the different models I’m working on.
One of those is a library of “standard” elements.
I have wrongly modeled one (metric screw) which is inserted into a model composed of those “standard” elements.
So I re-watched the Youtube video and remodeled it correctly.
Now the big question: is there a way to update it into the composed model ?

Although it’s much more straightforward to do in the desktop versions of SketchUp, you can do it in SketchUp Free.

Import your new screw component into the model and put it near one of the other screw components. Then open the new screw for editing and select all of the geometry. Right click and choose Copy. Open the wrong screw component for editing, select all of the geometry and erase it. Then right click and choose Paste and click on the component’s origin.

GREAT ! :ok_hand: I struggled a bit to put it at the exact place, but it’s all good.

If the new and old components have the same relative component origins. Clicking on the old component’s origin after selecting Paste should put the new one in the right spot from the beginning. The key, though, is to put the origins in the right place from the beginning.