Unwanted lines and angles

Can anyone tell me why these lines appear when I pull something? I extruded the cut off circle and then drew the smaller circle on top so I could create the taper, and when I pulled that face up, these lines come out of nowhere. I thought at first it was because I was drawing it to size and it was too small, so I then multiplied every dimension of the part by 10 and drew it that size and it still did it.

It happens because Autofold doesn’t know how to handle the flats. In this case it would probably be better to draw the chamfer on the shaft before putting the flats on.

Well I really hoped that was the problem. I deleted that whole area and started back over from drawing the circle on the flat surface, pulling it up, and then drawing the other circle to create the chamfer and it still did this. I didn’t even create the flat part yet. Why does this have to be so difficult? It seems so simple. Meanwhile, I went and created another circle just to simulate what Ive been trying to do without redrawing the whole thing and did all the steps and it worked fine.

I haven’t been able to reproduce what you show. To my eye it suggests a small misalignment, but I can’t verify that from the image. Could you upload the model so we can see exactly what is going on?

I just started over from scratch and didn’t even get to the extruding part yet and already there are some funky lines but they are hidden.

Here is the model.Pin.skp (302.5 KB)

How did you go about drawing that? If I select and then delete the end face of the cylinder (which selects as a whole, indicating the inner circle doesn’t cut it), I am left with this, in which you can see an extra face at the top of the inner circle and also that the “circle” is actually broken into several arcs (see how the selection is only part of one side).

It’s the hidden geometry that is giving you problems. Get rid of it and all works well.

@Box nailed it. I was just about to write the same. I think you didn’t clean up completely after previous operations, maybe because you hid those edges and forgot about them. This is an example of the hazards of using the hide operation!

I didn’t hide any edges though. I simply drew the middle circle and extruded it, then I drew the circle on top of that and extruded it which would be the back side. Then came around to the front and drew a circle on the other side face and extruded it. I only drew circles on the face of that middle piece. I used no hide option, therefore why would it be doing this?

@Box how do you make those little clips? If I could make one of those, perhaps I could post it here to show what I am doing and see if we can figure out where I am going wrong.