Unwanted lines appears after saving the file

Sketchup add unwanted lines to my clean model after “SAVING” the file.
Everything in perfect plain, but saving the file creates these unwanted lines off plains.

Looks like some very slightly off-axis points and Sketchup is trying to repair the model as it saves. Can you share the file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

Unfortunately can only share the file with unwanted lines already added after saving…
Unwanted Lines.skp (120.3 KB)

That’s OK. Is this a thing you’re planning to 3D print?

I do see a few bad geometry spots to fix and some endpoints that are very close to coinciding with other points. I expect the bulk of this comes from working with Length Snapping turned on in Model Info>Units.

I’m giving the model a once over for you.

Yes, will print fine, just puzzled by why all the unwanted lines

As I wrote, there are some spots that are problematic which I expect is a side effect of having Length Snapping enabled. That ought to be turned off in your template.

One thing I’ve found helpful when modeling for 3D printing is to print with units set to meters. The .stl gets exported in meters and imported into the slicer in millimeters. That helps to get away from the tiny face/close end points issue. This little machinist’s jack was modeled that way. Doing this also allows you to get smoother curves. The screw threads in this print work perfectly because of that.

Here’s the .stl of your file after I fixed it. Import it into the slicer using millimeters for the units. See what it looks like.
Unwanted Lines.stl (109.6 KB)

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense, model being too small and I was working into the 1/32 of an inch.

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