Unwanted changes to scenes


I work on architecture projects, with sketchup 2023, skalp and Layout, on windows 10.

I usually create several skp files:
a basic one, which I import in xref then in other files so as not to have too many scenes per file (because skalp can only manage a limited number of scenes per file).
I have a file for the plans, one for the sections and facades, one for the details, etc.

Despite this, I have a regular problem with my scenes (although they are not that many): they “skip”, ie the position of the camera changes.
For example: I click on the tab of a scene, it takes me properly to the scene, from there, I walk around in 3D, then when I click again on the tab of this same scene, sometimes she appears with a new point of view. So I have to readjust it, which takes a lot of time and disrupts my layout presentations.

I notice maybe + the file is complex, + it’s happening, but I’m not sure.

I guess it’s a classic bug, but maybe someone found a way around it?
it would be great !

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How about sharing a file that exhibits this behaviour so that others can experience it or not… and perhaps better help you ?

Is this a question about LayOut 2023? There have been a few reports of camera position shifting slightly in viewports that have the camera set to Parallel Projection and a standard view as you would have for plan and elevation views. The LayOut team are away of this and working on a solution.

Are you doing this “walk around” in the viewport in LayOut?

It’s hard to tell what you are really seeing (and doing) from your description. Might be that you are seeing the bug I referred to which isn’t “classic” or it might be something you could change in your workflow. As @paul.mcalenan uggested, sharing your file would help us help you.

This surely creates a lot more work for you than you should need to be doing. It also makes it more likely you will induce errors into your projects.

Thank you for such quick answers !

here a link to download one of my files :

the problem occures in sketchup, not in layout :
the scene “moves” in sketchup, I mean that sometimes, when I go to a scene in sketchup, the point of view is not anymore the point of view I saved. the camera moved, and I don’t know why.
After that, it become a problem in layout : because the scene changed in sketchup, it changes in layout. But I’am sure it’s a sketchup issue.
And I never walk around in the viewport of layout.

I agree with you : a lot of files means a lot of work, and I’d love to have only one file, but, here, it’s a skalp issue :
If I have only one file, with a loooot of scenes (50 ? 100 ?), skalp is not able to deal with it :
In layout, if I export my presentation with my 20 ou 30 pages, some scenes will be ok, and other wont.
The “bad” scenes have this issue : skalp doesnt show the hatches.

And I think it’s because when I go to a scene in sketchup, sketchup need time to show skalp hashes, because there are too many scenes. So maybe Layout just take the preview of the scene, without the skalp hashes ?
I guess it is, because with a lot of files, with a few scenes by files, sketchup doesnt need time to show skalp hashes, and layout has no problem to export skalp hashes.

Sorry if it’s not really clear, my english is not very good…

Thanks again for your help

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I’m not seeing any problems with returning to a scene in your model. The scenes aren’t moving for me. Maybe it is something Skalp is doing. I had it installed once but it made more work for me than it saved so I got rid of it.

I’m guessing you could drastically reduce the number of scenes you need for a project.

One thing I did notice about your model is the incorrect tag usage. I don’t know if you did that or if Skalp did it but that’s bound to cause you problems.
Screenshot - 4_26_2023 , 7_55_09 AM

Maybe @paul.mcalenan will have time to take a look at your model file and see something different.

Like Dave – I’m not noticing anything odd as you describe ( I don’t have Skalp )

Thanks for your answers.

So maybe my computer isnt enough powerfull !

If you dont use Skalp, you dont use hatches or you do it another way ?

It’s pretty hard to reduce the number of scenes. This project is a new construction but I often work on rehab projects, so I need the Existant plan, Démolition plan, Projet plan. The same for the sections, façades…
And there are the details, the 3D views…

The incorrect tag usage mean some edges and faces are not on layer 0 ?
How do you check that ?

Thanks again !


I’ve developed my own workaround based on the method at Sketchucation that I refer to.

Let’s not descend down the Layout rabbit hole here but it works very well for me and how I present my construction documents in Layout…

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Yes. I do hatching another way using TIG’s Section Cut Face and hatch textures or I add the hatches in LayOut.

OK. From what I saw in the model file you shared, I would have reduced the number of scenes by at least 50% if not more.

That means edges and faces have been given tags. They should all be untagged. Only groups and components in the model should be given tags.

Hi I checked your model in v2022 (I am not using v2023 yet) and had no problems with your scenes. I no longer use SKALP, so not sure if it is contributing to your issues. Good luck.

Ok thank you all for your answers and your time !