Unresponsive icon


My arrow icon is not responsive when i click on it, while others are ok. what is wrong here?


I’m not sure which one is the arrow icon. Could you show a screenshot of what you mean?


Are you talking about the select tool?


image each time i click here, it takes at least 30 seconds to respond and really frustrating…then after that, I start clicking other icons, they are responding well.


oh yes, SELECT tool is the name of the icon



Does that happen even on a new document that has only one or two things in it? Or is it noticeable on certain files?

@Forestr has a promising answer.


Sometimes I get lag on all my SketchUp tools, on a Mac, but it speeds up to normal if I restart the program. I think it’s usually caused when I flip between programs.


I actually opened a previous file, then realized the select icon unresponsive so i did another SAVE AS for that file and still the same unresponsive.


As mentioned above, you need to address your Graphic card and it’s driver. The Intel family are well known for lag. If you filled in your profile fully you may get fuller answers.
Basically the first thing you should be doing, after updating your profile, is updating your graphic card driver.