Unreal Virtual Tour / Game in the making using SketchUp-built assets

Just wanted to share a thing I’m working on. Basically creating a virtual tour of the campus of the non profit I work for using Unreal Engine’s Pixel Streaming Feature. It’s pretty cool that it’s mobile friendly.

You can use the joystick in the bottom corners to control the character movement and camera using your smart phone. You’ll notice you can currently just walk through the structures (all of which were made on SketchUp and imported into Unreal via the Datasmith Plugin). This is because the physics/collisions functions aren’t automatically created.

The processing of the project is all happening on an Amazon Virtual Server, which we get a $2k credit annual non-profit grant/credit to use. Basically any non profit can pay $175 to get $2k of AWS credits per year. We did it to try this out, but will likely be looking to some of the Google VM opportunities coming up.

Anyways, here’s the link. Right now there’s only a single playable game, so if you use it and it feels like a ghost is operating the controls that because someone else is also trying to play it.

Here’s the link:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:

Still figuring this all out as I go. I gotta say that the online SketchUp community is a million times more helpful and engaged than any of the other platforms I’ve been trying. Can’t say enough good things about SU. I wish I could do everything from it and not bother with the other platforms.

I have another version of this “game” that’s much further along, but I haven’t uploaded it to the public server yet. When I get a little further with it I will update this link. If anyone is curious about any part of this process, please feel free to ask questions!


Awesome keep it up, it’s only getting better with SketchUp>Unreal. Crazy I’m running your environment on my iPad, few years ago that would be crazy!

Im lucky enough to be working with them and happy they keep sending me Christmas Jumpers although my girlfriend is not thrilled I’ve been wearing them around all week for the second year in a run :joy:

How have you found the whole experience, I’m looking at covering it at Basecamp next year would be interesting to see what you think.


OMG I love it. That’s so friggen cool. How are you working with them?

I’m actually trying to get a job w Epic Games here in Detroit. They just opened up an office, which is mostly centered around the auto industry, but man I’d kill to get into this space formally/professionally. I’m building out a full RPG right now in an attempt to get super well acquainted / demonstrate competency w the UE.

Truthfully, the whole experience has been a big reality check. I was so spoiled with the awesome Sketchup community that I assumed that people were responsive/helpful in other software communities. Not really the case - like I don’t think anyone has ever replied to any comments I’ve made or questions I’ve asked in the Unreal Forums. You’re just sort of on your own. Teaching yourself how to do things is a lot harder with UE compared to SketchUp. Especially when you are trying to do something atypical.

That said, they do have some great and super in depth tutorials online that really let you create on a whole new level. Often they are made with older versions of the engine though, so you have to spend a LOT of time problem solving when things don’t work as they do in the tutorial lol. So far I’ve been able to figure it all out though.

I wanna go to Basecamp this coming year SO BAD. I started the application for the scholarship, but haven’t submitted it yet. Got super sidetracked. Hopefully I didn’t miss the deadline.

I am a designer at Volvo so we are doing a lot with Epic as they are quickly growing into the Automotive sector (although it’s been many years now and they are already quite good at it) so I’m quite lucky working with them on new bits and bobs as an Enterprise customer.

I have to work with many inputs coming to me for animation from the team (Catia, Deltagen, Modo, Alias, Max, Rhino, Max, Blender, Vred etc etc) I would be lost without an easy importer. It’s been a real game changer for me at least.

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