Unlocking Sketchup File

I purchased a new lease of SketchUp using Windows 10. I accessed one of my old files but it was locked. I never locked the files and I don’t share files with anyone but it came up locked. I did change my username from what I had with the old Windows 7 I had purchased the previous year with that account. I accessed that program via the 30 day free trail. I could find the program and open it again as I did with the new windows 10 program but it also was locked. I need to get my file unlocked in my new windows 10 program. I am the only owner of that file, how do I do that?

Did the message give you the option to open the file as Read Only? If it did, the file may still be open in another instance of SketchUp.

As a worse case, can you open the file and save it as a new file?

It usually says that another user has blocked the file when you have opened two windows of the same model, it doesn’t mean that someone else has access to your model and blocked it.

Thank you!! It worked, we have access now.

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I did notice that earlier, but had a lot of meetings today.

I left the address in place, but removed the cell phone number.

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