The file is locked by another sketchup user

hello is that i try to enter to my project and i cant because it says “the file is locked by another sketchup user”
please help!!

Did you tried to restart your computer?

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yes, hahha its the solution, thanks for all, i feel so dumb :sweat_smile:

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So you know for next time what may have happened:

In Windows, if you open a file from File Explorer it will start a new instance of the application that is needed. So, if you double-click on a given SKP file, then later on do that again, you now have two copies of SketchUp open, each one trying to edit the SKP you double-clicked on. The second of the two copies of SketchUp will only get Read access to the file.

If that happens, close the second version, then point at the remaining SketchUp icon in the Task Bar, and look to see if the file is already open.