File is locked by another user-do you wish to open this file as read only?

Hi, I am trying to open sketchup files I have created and am getting this message “File is locked by another user-do you wish to open this file as read only?” and cannot work with the files-can anyone advise why I am getting this and how to work round it ?



I get that once every six months or so. Usually a reboot works for me… but I’m on a Mac.

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  • It is possible, if the file located on Network/Cloud drive that other process/user really use it.

  • It is possible that another SU instance has not closed properly and this is “locking” the file in question.
    Restarting Windows can help as Mike says.

  • Perhaps Sketchup is not properly installed. You may need to repair the installation.
    Make sure Sketchup is not running. (e.g. Restart Windows)
    Find the original installer exe file and right click on it and chose Run as administrator.

There was a problem with this quite some years back.
If I remember correctly there was a windows issue where you would get this message if you had the Preview Pane open in Windows Explorer, closing the preview ‘fixed’ it. But I think that was back in Win 7 days.
The other version of it was, I think, a comsurrogate running in task manager, stopping that cleared things up.

Edit: It can also happen if you are opening files from external or cloud drives.