Universal Importer plugin error when importing .stp .step files


Trying to import an .stp file into SketchUp with the Universal Importer plugin.
When importing the geometry I’m getting the following error message:


And this is what appears in the viewport.
Could someone please help understand what it wants?
Thanks in advance!

The error is explained in the middle of the message text, on the line which begins “50% ERROR …”

Apparently, there is an issue with the format of the "uir-source.stp" file.

What application created this file?

Also, you’d get a better response if you posted this question in the extension’s main thread over at SketchUcation.com
The author is not guaranteed to read your post here, he is much more likely to spot it in his own thread at SCF…


The Universal Importer plugin isn’t compatible enough with STEP files, but I hope to improve this situation in future versions.


Thank you for the reply Samuel!

You’re welcome!