Unintelligible error when using a function FOLLOW ME - this is not a valid path!

Hello everybody, I have no idea how to do it anymore. I’m trying create shape using follow me function but I can’t deal with this… do you help me?
When I’m trying follow the circle along sine path there is an information that I cannot do this because the path is wrong.
I am attaching a file.
Thanks a lot!

project follow me.skp (221.7 KB)

You are trying to make it do something that will fail. Too many small faces and overall too many segments.
If you scale the whole thing up you can make it work, but even then you need to shorten the path. Here it is scaled up by 10 and the path cut at around 1/3rd.

What problem happens by having the path be too long?

If you are asking me, what are you asking?
Basically it doesn’t work and you get the error message as above. Or sketchup shuts down without a bug splat.
If you use the method I mention above and creat a number of groups, you can make one and just array them, when you explode to combine the groups sketchup shuts down without a bug splat. So somehow it is reacting like it does when one continuous edge has more than 10000 segments. There are 4500 in the sine wave, I think from memory.

I was wondering if you knew from the past that a path can only have so many segments. I think you’re saying that with this model you found that making the path be shorter solved the problem.

I’m curious now to find out if there is a limit to how many segments a path can have.

I found that we have been through this problem before, 4 1/2 years ago.

With a default circle and a straight line follow me will work up to 1001 segments, from 1002 onwards it throws the incorrect not a path error. The error should be You have exceeded the number of segments for a path.


looks like a good candidate for duplication of a component.