Unexpected File Format on a project for work!

I am having trouble accessing my file that I saved yesterday. I have tried just about everything and am willing to send the file and see if anyone is able to open it.

KIT DESIGN_1-25-22.skp (4.2 MB)

Hopefully @colin will be along and work his magic. He’s usually able to recover the in model components and materials at least.

Where are you saving your file? To the cloud or on your local hard drive?

It’s corrupted and can’t be opened.
I guess you were working on a SKP model on a server or remotely ?
You should never do that.
Copy the SKP to your local drive, when you are done save it back to the remote location…
Apps like SketchUp can hiccup saving across remote locations and the SKP can become corrupted.

Do you have a SKB saved that would be the SKP before the last save ?

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I think I have recovered the file, but it’s smaller now. It’s possible that some unused components were purged, not sure. Try this file.

KIT DESIGN_1-25-22-fixed.skp (2.8 MB)

thank you so much!