Unexpected file format - file retrieval

Please can you assist in retrieving a file with the unexpected file format alert when opening.

Link is:Dropbox - BDID_HOLLOWAY.INTERIORS.skp - Simplify your life

I have tried renaming the skb to skp but that has not worked.

Looks like there was a bad group in the model but opening it took care of that. I also note incorrect tag usage. Untagged should be left active.
Screenshot - 11_27_2023 , 7_04_44 PM
Fixing incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 11_27_2023 , 7_05_15 PM
Lots of unused stuff. No need to hoard unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 11_27_2023 , 7_06_59 PM
File size reduced by 58%.


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Thank you Dave. Life saver!

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Dave is using the latest version of SketchUp 2023.1.3, which had some improvements in it to take care of model corruptions. If you’re not up to date you might want to get the newest version. Then your file would have opened for you, though missing the one group that had become corrupted.