Unexpected File Error please help

My file suddenly says Unexpected File and is not allowing me to work. Can someone please help me? I have a deadline!!!

Did you try opening the backup file?

If you share the file @colin might be able to recover it for you. Most often he is able to get components and materials.

What operating system are you using? Your profile just says “64 bit” which doesn’'t answer the question.

@colin can you help retrieve this file for me, unexpected file format error appears. Dropbox - UNBOXED NEW.skp - Simplify your life

The file has a couple of groups in it that have problems. We added something to cope with that in the 2023 update, you should update your SketchUp to the latest version.

I have the file opening at the moment, I will give you a link in a few minutes.

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Here is the recovered file. It’s very demanding, I’m checking it some more to see why. This will keep you going:

Thank you, I have updated my version. For some reason most of the model hasn’t recovered, any chance it will again?
Thanks again

I had a look at your file and did my standard cleanup procedure.

Fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 1_14_2024 , 5_58_37 PM

Purged unused components and materials from your model. I think you currently hold the 2024 Hoarder’s award.
Screenshot - 1_14_2024 , 5_59_35 PM

And I reduced some ridiculously obese texture images.

I also merged coplanar faces.
Screenshot - 1_14_2024 , 6_03_55 PM

This cleanup reduced the file size by 89%.

I expect Colin will find similar so I’ll leave it to him.

You really need to learn to create clean and efficient models.

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I did a couple of the things Dave also did. There are well over 9000 components in the model that are not used, and about 400 materials. With what I tried that took the file down to 32 MB, of which 11 MB is the woman sat on the stool.

Unfortunately the laziness or whatver it is ends up costing you time later on.

FWIW, I reduced your file to about 21 Mb so maybe a little more brutal than Colin’s cleanup.

lesson learned!

Just noticed the comment bout most of the model not being recovered. It’s possible that the two groups that had problems contained a lot of things. I’m trying the original file again, to see which groups had problems, and then I will look at those two groups to see if they are in use.

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Thank you, appreciate it

I found this in your file, does it look familiar?

This must be some kind of record…
Maybe we should open a Guiness topic of records for these kind of models.

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