Unexpected File Format after saving and reopening a .skp file

Good day Sir. Can you also try my file? I’ve saved it just yesterday without any problems popping up but now it says “unexpected file format”, same for the skb file even if I try to rename it to skp. Please help. Thank you.

I think that I didn’t remover much. Lots of tags, and a few colors and components. You could let me try the SKB as well.

here’s the skb sir. but unfortunately for this skp file that you’ve recovered, i opened it and the model is empty. thank you.

That came out about the same.

I will ask the developers to take a look, because you have a lot of non-Roman characters in the file, and if that is affecting anything, it would be useful for us to look into the problem.

It’s late evening now, I won’t hear from my colleagues for about another 12 hours.

oh i see. anyway for now, thank you very much sir.

hello there i am also facing same issue , i saved my file and closed it and then while opening it shows unexpected file format error
i have uploaded both skp and skb files
please help me
much appreciated

As usual, I only recovered the components and materials, and there’s nothing showing in the scene.

I recovered both files, and they are both here:

You might as well use the one called SITE_recovered.skp, it’s bound to be more recent than the other one.

Hi Colin, could you help me with this file? After saving it in a external hard drive it became corrupted.

Here is the link: https://we.tl/t-5ls5GxYyxe

Thanks in advance

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile lists a version that doesn’t exist.

My bad Dave. The file was done with 2018 Pro

The SKP and BAK files wouldn’t recover at all, but from the SKB file I did get back the materials and components. As you will see in my other replies, I wasn’t able to recover anything in the scene. Hopefully some of your components are large areas of the original model, and you could reconstruct the scene.

Here’s the recovered from the SKB file:

Thanks a lot Colin! I greatly appreciate it

Hi Colin. It would be a great pleasure for you to recover my work. I’ve been working on this model for my architectural thesis and after I exported the skp file to collada file, everything has been chaos.

Here is the link for the model:

I don’t know what to do, I sincerely hope you can help me.

If the collada export worked, you might try importing it back into SketchUp?

As usual, I only rescued the components and materials, nothing visible in the scene.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, the collada file was also corrupted and it says 0 bytes on the file size.

Thank you very much! highly appreciated

Hi Colin, could you help me with this file?

Here is the link: SKP - Google Drive

Thank you

This is what I could recover. Nothing in the scene, but hopefully some of the components will help: