Undo still slows SKP 2017/2018 way down


Using the “undo” command, either by ctl-Z or clicking the undo button, still causes Sketchup to slow waaaaaay down. Even with relatively small models (less than 1MB in size). This was not a problem in 2016 or earlier, but still hasn’t been fixed in 2018.

Has anybody discovered a workaround for this that does not require disabling undo or closing and re-opening SKP every three or so uses of the undo command? I’ve searched the archives for fixes to this, and that seems to be the only suggestions so far.


I have not experienced a slowdown using Undo in either version. Can you share an example file that exhibits this? Is it possible you have some extension with an observer running that is responsible?


It’s any and all files. Even empty models.



Something must be different with your setup. This isn’t a common issue.


I’ve never experienced it.


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