Undo unable after saving a file - disaster!

Please help!

I cannot undo actions after saving a file. No matter whether it’s autosave or manual save. I think it’s not typical behaviour for sketchup. I haven’t noticed it before. It happens to every file, not any particular one.
Thoroughly speaking: after I save the file and click Edit-Undo, it always shows “undo properties” but it doesn’t change anything.
I am so frustrated about that ;(
Perhaps I installed a plugin that messed with the program? But I’m unable to check that. I have over 100 plugins installed and I cannot tell when it happened.

I am able to undo and redo after saving in SketchUp 2018. When you say that you can’t undo, do you mean that the undo/redo items in the Edit menu are greyed out? Or are they not greyed out, but have no effect?


I’m guessing you have vRay installed and it’s onSaveModel observer is polluting the undo stack with countless properties…

but it may be a different extension this time…


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Also check that you have installed SketchUp properly…
All recent versions of SketchUp, in newer versions of Windows must be installed in a specific way - installing in any other way can lead to unexpected weirdness…

Here is the correct [an only] way.
Close SketchUp.
Find the Sketchup installer’s exe file.
It’s probably in your Downloads folder…
If not you need to reinstall it.
Select its icon.
Right-click > context-menu > "Run as administrator"
When prompted choose “Repair” …

Restart SketchUp and retest…

If the issue persists you can try following the steps above, but choose “Uninstall”.
Then immediately rerun the installer with the above instructions, and “Install”.

The above processes should leave your custom Plugins etc unaffected…

John, yes, I have v-ray installed. What does it mean - onSaveMode1 and how can I change it?

you’ll need to contact vRay and ask them…


They’re not greyed out, just showing “undo properties”.

John, thank you for your suggestion! It’s very likely that it happened when I installed v-ray. I will ask them. But what does actually mean onSaveMode?

By the way, have anyone of you ever posted anything on chaosgroup forum? I have no idea how to create a post there. I logged in, choosed a specific forum about v-ray for sketchup but I cannot see any button like “create a new topic”.

It seems V-Ray writes data to the model whenever it is saved, or to use more technical lingo, whenever a call to a method named onSaveMode in their observer is called.

I can see how this clears the Redo stack as it adds an operation to the Undo stack. I don’t know however how it can also destroy the Undo feature. Seems to be a bug in V-Ray.

if the stack is full of ‘add property’ items then ‘undo’ will hold 100 and show “undo property” in the Edit menu…

It appears broken because you don’t see the changes and the text for the next one is the same…

but it will ‘grey out’ when you get to 101…


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That makes sense. I was otherwise thinking the undo operation itself triggered a new operation to be performed.

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