Save undoes progress

Hi all, when I do some progress and go to save, it either just suddenly undoes the last 20 or so modifications or weirdly distorts the whole model. I have no idea why this is happening and frankly it’s very painstaking to fix constantly. Any idea how to fix this or why it could be occurring? Thanks!

Now it simply deletled faces that are copies of other faces. I’ve been using SketchUp for a few months now but this has never happenned, not even with much more complex models.

This isn’t normal behavior. One possibility is a permissions issue with win 10.
You could check this by doing a repair of your installation of Sketchup.
Find the original downloaded installation .exe (probably in your downloads folder) or download a fresh copy from the downloads page.
Select the file then right click and choose Run as Administrator, follow the prompts and choose Repair when given the option.
This won’t effect your installed extensions, shortcuts etc.


Hi, thanks for the help! I tried running it as an administrator but wasn’t given the choice to repair :frowning: However, I exploded some groups that were most problematic and it seems to be ok for now - definitely something to keep an eye on in the future though. I’ll be cautious when doing much progress in groups.
Thanks again! I’ll try to repair someway, hope I’ll find a way.

By ‘it’ do you mean the installer .exe or just Sketchup itself?