Understanding Microsoft Security Essentials // Windows Defender..?

Hello and as I wait for any info or help from Microsoft Community I figured I would throw is out there, as I guest 50% of SU operators are running PC. I run Windows 7 Pro64-bit on my laptop and desktop, my laptop was a new purchase in 1/1/2012. I activated Windows Defender and only after IE-10 was released did MS offer Security Essentials. They said it was “better” so I turned off Defender and have been using SE on both with no issues since or till 2 months ago. My desktop is not the issue only my laptop. I have it set to run a Full Scan every Monday at 6:00 AM, for both. The laptop will not complete the scan, only the quick scan and posts: no issues detected-system up to date and protected. After two weeks of this I get a system at risk warning saying to update Security Essentials and run a FULL scan. BUT IT WONT complete it.

I have un-installed it and then re-installed it and only the initial first scan will update and complete with no issues detected system being monitored. Then in a weeks time back to the same BS, but the desktop scans fully and no issues?? I have un-installed it again but this time turned Windows Defender back on. It immediately updated itself and I ran a full scan that it completed fine.

BUT now I have a warning in the Action Center saying to get anti-virus program online, system at risk. I have included the MS article explaining Defender and it is for Malware. So my question is does Defender Fully protect my system and is MS misleading its users or just confusing them. Please review screenshot info that says Defender is on and what MS said it does. But then to issue: get a online anti-virus program that will cause Defender or MSE to turn off anyway. It also mentioned I can turn off the warning about anti-virus message. But just want to be sure as they say Defender or MSE is all you need and freely provided from them to me. But to also issue warnings to get something thing else has me boggled… just want to be sure…any info or insight will be a big help as I dont want to run my laptop till I am sure. Yes SU will run off-line but to get to use the Warehouse or other online necessities I dont want to risk it. THANKS IN ADVANCE…Peace…

Many third party security software packages are available. Windows Defender and Security Essentials are the “brands” that MS advocates, however one of the other security and/or virus protection programs may be just as effective. The choices are limitless. I have different versions of Windows installed on several computers and none uses Defender or SE any longer. (I personally use Webroot SecureAnywhere and Malware Bytes. It has been ages since there has been even a hint of a virus or malware issue in these systems. Admittedly, the systems are scanned on a daily basis, generally.)

I suggest comparing packages by conducting a search such as: https://www.google.com/#q=virus+protection+software+comparisons …and develop your own conclusions from the results of this and other research.

Thanks for the reply and I did get a reply from the MS community forum moderator with suggestions. From his explanation Defender is not a complete program and needs support from TPSS: McAfee, Norton~~. Where as MSE is complete and only for Windows 7 and Vista. He did offer a KB3092627 update to apply and run a full scan. He also mentioned a full scan is over kill and should not be needed. Only if a virus had been detected should I need to check EACH file in the system. He then added if that were the case to scan with a different program. If it got by it in the first place how would it now help to scan with it.

My issue was / is I do a quick scan every Monday and after two weeks MSE posts the at risk message to do the full scan but locks up 3/4 way though it. Windows wants the full scan but it cant finish it and this update may solve it. My concern was the article made me think Defender was complete and is not. If my warning message continues with MSE, I will un-install it. He also suggested Malwarebytes Antimalware, their free version and provided a link to the page. So will see what happens after the attempted full scan. Thanks for the info and time… as now I have options and not just questions!! …Peace…

I personally run Comodo Internet Security Free edition, and have MalwareBytes installed as a on-demand manual scanner.

Also now run Comodo Dragon as my browser. (It is a more secure build of Chromium. They also now have a Gecko-based browser as well.)

I also recommend using Ccleaner to make sure that errant program strings and obsolete software are routinely removed from your system. (forgot to mention this before)

Hello, he also mentioned if I was using / had C-cleaner installed as there were some settings that may be causing the issue. I do not have it installed and in checked through my Update History on both machines. I had received the KB application as part of a update package on 9/3 for my desktop and I have had no issue with it running the scans. For my laptop I received and installed the last package of updates on 9/21 at 8:00 PM. It contained the KB update but I had already run the scan at 5:30 that morning. Also just speculating, it happened the last two Mondays also, locking up while in a full scan. Those dates were the 14th and the 7th. Installing the KB allowed a full scan without issue. So I guest if the updated arrived when the ones for the desktop did on 9/3. The issues the last two weeks would not have existed… but to find a positive in it. I have gained a lot more valuable info and found a individual in the MS community who is as adamant in helping as some are on here. Thanks for sharing you knowledge and time, I started out 2.5 years ago only having used a calculator. Never having plugged in a computer to a wall outlet let alone turn one on. It has been quite an adventure learning this home schooled and totally on my own… to say the least. All the help and info I do not take lightly and can only imagine what having 8 ~ 10 years hands on experience is like. Looking forward to it, Thanks and …Peace…

forget the MS stuff. it’s far behind the commercial competition:


don’t use the advertised ‘(Internet) Security Suites’ but the pure Anti Virus product. The suites do include a lot of modules mostly not required (browser toolbars, payment processors, wallets etc.) and additionally sometimes do create security flaws by their own (e.g. use their own firewall by disabling the Windows firewall).

I have good experiences with Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus (30 day trial avail.).

ah, if you wanna get rid of adware, nagware, toolbars or ‘potentially unwanted programs’ you may want download the free ‘Junkware Removal Tool’ from Malware Bytes. Just download to the desktop and run (no installation required), close all programs before doing this.

more experienced users may want use the free ‘AdwCleaner’ instead… but you should know what you’re doing, which btw is valid for the ‘CCleaner’ too.

Windows Defender is a very useful feature of Windows 10. Therefore, I decided to move Windows 7 to Windows 10. But after upgrading Windows Defender did not replace Microsoft security essentials windows 10 and both exist on my computer. In this way, no one takes responsibility for securing my system against viruses. But after reading an article, I replace it and Windows Defender able to work on my system.