Backdoor virus found

During the installation procedure of 2023 on my Windows 10 machine, Windows Defender triggered a message about blocking a backdoor virus ( cat sever ) :
C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations{03CB7BC4-3C9C-452B-BFD7-1C3616BE96BD}\SketchUp 2023.msi

Did anyone else encountered this?

Sure, there are quite a few other topics about this.
Seems to be false positive alarm… devs are investigating.

I see.
in any case the installer failed to complete the process.
Does this mean that for now I can’t upgrade to 2023?

You can update though!

is it the same about the full downloaded installer?

Yes. It is same. You need to temporarily disable MS Defender, (or use other, better antivirus sw)

Got that - thanks.

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I am brand new to SketchUp, currently looking to find a good tool to design an addition to our home. I have experienced both the corrupt .msi and the backdoor virus alert while trying to install 2023 Pro. Am I to believe before SketchUp DEV responds to this issue your recommendation is to disable Windows Defender and go ahead and complete the installation?

They have already responded:

Yes, and there is a sha miss with it, which is basically a fingerprint check, which validates the software is the one they meant to deploy

I don’t think this is a false positive, I think someone has modified the download file, presumably on a CDN (content deliver network). The virus checker also found something called BackDoor.

Do not install this update, do not turn off your virus scanner!

Trimble sort this out now.

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