Unable to update Sketchup 2023 due to a MD5 checksum issue

Tried to update SU 2023 from version 23.0.367 Win 64-bit to 23.0.397 Win 64-bit on a Windows 10 machine.
Install failed because MD5 checksum failed, and Windows Defender stop the process.

I’m the only one?

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No – I have just got this too !

And I ran the installer as administrator.

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Window is identifying the SketchUp2023.msi installer as a threat – it has detected Win32/Bladabindi!ml as a backdoor trojan.

This seems pretty serious…!


I am having this same issue on Windows 10 as a fresh new Sketchup user. This has never before been installed on my machine, and I spent the past few hours watching Sketchup tutorials before trying to install it. I signed up for the 30 day trial before downloading. It gets about 1/2 way through installing before this MD5 error appears. The install is not able to complete, and the software is currently not usable.

Of course this could be a false positive but I’m not prepared to allow this “threat” until someone with more knowledge says it’s ok.

Until then I can’t install the update to resolve some of the bugs…

I’m also on Win10 - with latest updates. No warning at my end though. Bitdefender also reports no issue with the installer file (SketchUpStudio-2023-0-397-152.exe)

So false positive… :thinking:

I would wait for an official announcement - no reason to take a risk with a trojan

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Same here. i’ll wait an official annoucement, as MaxB said.

Updated yesterday, no warnings from Norton.

Same here. I installed successfully on my computer at work running Windows 10. But in my laptop at home running latest Windows 11 it was failed.

No issues here, Win 10 + Defender.

This is what I’m getting on Windows 10 64 during the install. Scanning for viruses or a trojan shows an all clear for me however. Still unable to use the program due to this error.

Probably because Windows is isolating the SketchUp msi file in the background.

With me, it wasn’t until the 3rd attempt at installing that I noticed the security notification pop up from the taskbar – running a virus / malware check didn’t pick up any threats either because the threat had already been neutralised.

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I know @WebHorst is checking into this. Hopefully he will see what is going wrong.

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I heard back from that team. Here is their response:

Before we release a new SketchUp installer, we always run it through VirusTotal. VirusTotal uses dozens of scanners including BitDefender, AVG, Kaspersky, and McAfee just to name a few. We have a clean bill of health for this installer and would only release it if that were the case.

Furthermore, we always find a few false positives that could be system dependent or AV scanner dependent. We have filed a report with the Microsoft security team regarding the finding that has been noted in the two forum posts. To resolve this, you can disable Windows Defender during installation of SketchUp. Please let us know if that doesn’t work. If you really are concerned, you can also run the downloaded installer through the VirusTotal service.

You may report false positives with Microsoft. The guidelines for doing so are at;


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Thanks Colin I’ll give that a try. No concerns about security, just wanted to be able to complete the installer

Great, hope things work out for you

I tried to turn off Windows defender while downloading and did not work. Do you have any more advices? Thanks

What version of windows are you using ?