SketchUp 2023 Install Issue

I finally bought a SketchUp license and am excited to move up from the Web App. I’ve downloaded the SketchUp install file for Windows but when I go to install, the installer gets stuck pretty early on and throws out the following error message:

"MD5 check failed for the current file to be staged. The file may be corrupted.

File: C:.…SketchUp 2023.msi"

There’s also a Windows security alert that pops up to let me know a threat has been detected. I don’t believe there’s any threat but it’s possible that Windows is preventing the install from going forward. I have no options to proceed/ignore the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was hoping to get to study with SketchUp this weekend.

I have also submitted a help ticket to SketchUp and will update my post if they reply.

Yes. Hi, this it the 8th thread of the day.

on the top right of the forum you’ll find a search engine. just type 2023.msi or MD5 and you’ll find the 7 other, including the 6 containing the solution :slight_smile:

edit : here is one, with solution included :slight_smile:

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Awesome!! Thank you so much for your help and sorry for the redundant question.

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