Linux vs Windows vs Mac OS - Viruses and security




“The user’s going to pick dancing pigs over security every time” - Bruce Schneier


Maybe you should expand the topic to SU- Viruses and Security…

there are many ‘plugins’ that ‘phone home’ every time you use SU on any platform…

there are others that instal files into very obscure corners of you machine…



haha It is why I put windows in Virtual Box keeps a lot of stuff out and i pull the internet connection or have the Linux disconnect it and no one talks to any where . .


Do you run Sketchup via Windows in a virtual box, or are you running in WINE? I installed and tried to run Sketchup Pro 2015 via WINE in Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.05 couldn’t get it to work (albeit on an older laptop)., I’m not an advanced linux user (yet) though and may not have it meshed up with WINE correctly, plus it may be the older nvidia graphics card. I agree that Windows 10 must be considered malware at this point, and would be nice to use linux as main system and be able to run all the Windows based software (Sketchup, AutoCad, Revit, etc) that I need and without sacrifcing too much performance due to having to run in a virtual machine. I plan overbuild my next machine to account for that performance lag…Thanks for any advice.


Thank you, Denisroy, for your detailed reply. I didn’t realize VB would cap ram allocation at only 256BM, and these software will barely run at that to begin with. So yeah I’ll just have to dual-boot. At least now I know that up front. Thanks again!


Cool, sounds like a plan. I’ll probably get at least a 500GB SSD then to boot both systems from.


I installed Virtual Box inside of Linux ( Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit ) then added Win 7-1 to it plus run the programs which do not and are not open to Linux O/S like Ringcentral and Sketchup and a few other small programs ( I have a share folder on the Ubuntu Desktop for sharing files back and forth ) You have to tell it where the shared folder is at . . I also tried the Wine attempt and it said no not this time . . Some programs are almost same as windows programs just menu is different like Corel Draw is almost same as ink Scape just I have to find the spot on the menu that is same as the Corel Draw one takes a while So I revert back to the Corel Draw to do somethings faster . . Until I learn Ink Scape and where all the buttons are for doing all the things I can do in windows
I suggest you upgrade to 15.10 has the bugs of 15.04 cured and if you can Max out the ram in the computer runs a gob faster . . I have an old I3 quad core 2.4 gigaherts with 16 gig DDR3 ram ( ram was a gob of money ) but worth it ! Oh yeah to make your self part of the USB in Virtual Box ( sudo adduser USERNAME vboxusers ) . . If you send me a direct message I can send you PDF file with links to a web site to fix a lot of things that make running Linux a gob easier almost easier then windows ( like Classic menu indicator )


I run windows on 120 megs and also run all the other stuff like Sketch Up and Corel Draw and a few others the other 136 megs is in use by Ubuntu and I have had no problem running Win 7-1 with that little bit of video ram . . maybe slow but it makes it with all the changes I made in Sketch Up models and re draws


Thanks for the tips, Lynne, sounds like you have a good system going for you there. I’ll upgrade to the latest version of ubuntu and see if that helps. I have to run an older kernal to get it to run with the newest versions of ubuntu but the mix and match seems to work. I’ll shoot you a message later when I inevitably get in over my head with the linux file system :smile:


Don’t forget to MAX out the internal RAM as that is where all the stuff goes on … Where all the graphics get processed before being put on the screen . . So just a big graphics card is not enough . . That is why I am able to run the lunar lander file that denisroy said I can’t run or rotate plus move and so on . . But I also have a Quad core I3 CPU 2.4 gigahertz Laptop So It helps to have the Ram MAX’d out . .


Could you show me where he said this please.


He said it back here at this link Said it would be CHOPPY and so on and have bad preformance ( video type I guess )

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