All downloads fail

IT guy say this is a windows 10 machine. No google on it. Just FIRE FOX. The processor is 64, the rest looks like it is 32. Can’t get the Norton antivirus to go away. Do not know how to turn it off. Some stuff I can’t see, is running up my data usage. I don’t know where to look, what to turn off or on. Please be very specific when you tell me what to do. I do not know this computer or the software it runs. Pretend I’m totally ignorant and need steps 1,2,3. Micky-Mouse style. Tell this non-pilot how to fly this plane. I won’t be offended. I need help.
I had SU 8 pro (free) on the old windows machine. This piece of plastic is supposed to replace the “unable to fix, because we can’t upgrade it” machine.
I tried downloading SU many times. No matter which version I try, they all fail. How do I get the pieces that did download, off this pc, so that I can start over?
Which of the two, Make or Pro is closest to SU 8? I hate new things. They just don’t work like they should. Or maybe it’s that just me unable to adapt.

SketchUp Product Downloads

SketchUp Pro is the full blown product, the functional reduced Make version for non-commercial use only.

close all applications and run this, ask your IT guy for the rest.

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you must have Internet Explorer fully functional, even if you use a different browser…


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if W10 a recent MicroSoft Internet Explorer engine (and the successor Edge) can be assumed.

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Success! at last!
Thank you, sketh3d_de. Those links helped. However, I have no idea what MS IE stands for.
Thank you john_drivenupthewall. There is no Internet Explorer on this machine, but I suppose Microsoft Edge is the new one.
These are the steps I followed:
I phoned the IT guy … I’ll skip that part. I found out where this machine hides its system information. Wrote it down.
I disabled Norton as far it allowed me to. Then I deleted all the .part files that downloaded previously. Paid those two links a visit. Downloaded that program and ran it. What the heck. Something must work … Then I disconnected from the web. I fired the fox and gave broadband the boot - for the time being. I switched to cellular network instead and started up Microsoft Edge. Strange and new, but desperation teaches too. From there I navigated to Google, then to Then I started the download again. I baby-sat it until it finished. Moved the mouse around every few minutes so the screen don’t go blank. I haven’t figured out how to change the settings on that yet. The download ran from 19:00 to 23:48. Then it installed in a jiffy and by 00:09 I had a functional machine that does not need wings anymore, as it now sports a brand new version of SketchUp Make 2016 X64. It looks good. Seems like everything is working - as it should.
I thank you all for your help and all the clues. :grinning: