Unable to view geometry

I’ve inherited a model - I’ve done my best to tidy up and I’ve created a new file but it’s not showing lines after a face is created. I know the lines are there because I can select the face which is then only partially selected on account of the line. I’ve not got the lines auto hidden nor are they tagging onto a hidden tag. I’ve displayed ‘Show hidden geometry’ but this has no impact. Any ideas please?

Switch back from Color by tag, or change the color of that line (tag).

Actually just realised that I had edges switched off but thanks.

If they were switched off it wouldn’t be possible to see them on your image.

Profiles are visible, edges are not (I just tested).

Mmm didn’t know that. I don’t use the option to see profiles most of the time, if the model is big it gets laggy.

The visible profiles are good for easily finding where a surface is not closed correctly, otherwise, you work more easily with them turned off.