Unable to resize trays in sketchup

I am not able to resize the tag tray in Sketchup because the bottom corner of the tray is out of the screen view just enough to where I can’t grab it with my mouse. How else can you resize a tray? Is there a way to reset the tray size to default? See below screenshot. A simple fix is to be able to resize trays from the top or sides of the tray. Help!

You can go into Settings, Workspace, and use the Reset Workspace button to reset everything.

If you want to only fix Tags, you could hide the Dock (Command-Option-D) or go into full screen (click the green dot in the top left of the SketchUp window). One of those might then let you reach the resize corner.

Another option is to go into System Settings, Displays, and use the option to show more space for a moment. Go back to SketchUp and resize the Tags palette, then back in Displays you can go back to the standard resolution.

this worked, thank you colin!

I described a few options, which was the one that worked?