Help with making Trays larger


I am a SketchUp Pro subscriber and my question is about the Tray.

For some time, have been trying to figure out a way to enlarge the Tray so that it is easier to read,
see and manipulate.

I know that you can make the tray window larger, but increasing the size of the tray window does not make the text, thumbnails, etc., in the dialog boxes within the Tray any larger.

Now maybe I need stronger glasses, but scrolling through the Outliner Dialog or Tags Dialog can be a real pain as I find myself squinting in order to read all that I have listed.

Help Please!


It’s not something you can change in Sketchup, it is part of your Windows set up.
If you right click on the screen you will have the option to choose display or personalize. Both will give you many options.