Change the size of the trays text



My desktop computer is a laptop, I use an external monitor for SU and place the trays on the extended laptop screen, the resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 which makes the trays very small, it would be nice to be able to increase the size of the text.


SketchUp can use display scaling for the small screen up to 150%.

Search (Google or whatever) on terms “Windows display scaling”

After making changes you need to restart SketchUp.


By the way, the font and size of dialog text (traditionally) on Windows is a system setting (whose default size is 8 point.)

I’m not sure how to get to the custom display scheme settings on Windows 10, but I do it in Windows 7.

Start Menu > Control Panel > Personalization > Window Color


I did that a couple of months ago, then my computer quit working with the ctrl+p and eventually quit sending output to the external monitor. I’m a little gun shy of trying that again.


This is the keyboard accelerator for Print. It has nothing to do with display scaling.

On a laptop / notebook there is sometimes a special keyswitch (one of the function keys) that is used to enable / disable the external display port. I’d first guess someone accidentally switch the port off. (I’ve been there myself several times. And had to reset other people’s machines when they’ve somehow done this.)

You’ll likely be waiting years (or forever) to have tray text changed. They’ve come from static dialog layouts and it is a huge job to convert them over to dynamic property panels.

They like the way they are laid out, and I can’t see an overhaul being welcomed. All the help center article images would need updating as well.

Though, I could see a slow update over several years, a few panels per version.


Most laptops have a FN key that triggers various settings together with function keys (usually the keys have an attached icon). On my Asus laptop the external monitor is switched on or off by FN+F8. On my work laptop (HP) it might be FN+F4.


Yes, it’s Flag+P to invoke the PROJECT dialog.

It took two trips back to the manufacturer to fix the HDMI output (that was 2 months without my computer).

Looks like I’ll have to make a stand for the laptop to get it closer.


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