Unable to open large layout file

I am unable to open a large file in sketchup and am unable to upload the file. How do I open?

use wetransfer and post the link :wink:


Thank you

Here is tyhe file purged https://we.tl/t-iY8hy3cAsC
You had a lot of photos that were not in layout pages.

Hello - would you have time to purge this file again? I cannot open it with all the images.

I tried opening your file and even after more than 45 minutes it wouldn’t open. Even after reducing the size of the image files by 75% it wouldn’t open. Just chugged away trying.

There are 653 image references in this file. Surely you aren’t using all of them. Some of them are very large and the vast majority were apparently copied and pasted into the document. I’ll suggest it would be easier to start over with just the images you need, don’t make them any larger than they absolutely need to be, and don’t use Copy and Paste to get them into the LayOut file.