Unable to login to open files Oct. 2022

So I just paid for a year license to use Sketchup pro. I am on a new Mac book pro with all the innards to run this program and enscape.

The login process is quite odd. You can log in online, which I have done. It says “you’ve logged into all products.”

Then when I open the program on my computer and try and open a file I get this window that says “Auth token cannot be used. The user must sign in.”

But I am in sketchup and using it to work on another file. But nonetheless I go to the window to log in again and its all greyed out. It lets me click on the button to login but then just is grayed out…

At the very least, if I am logged in and thats why the screen is greyed out I should be able to open a file I had previously created!

Any signing in that you do directly in a browser only logs you into the web pages. To be signed into SketchUp itself you would need to click the Sign In button. It would then still use your browser to tell you to sign in, and you’re left having to switch back to SketchUp to use it. But you should then be signed into SketchUp ok.

Thank you for your reply Colin. I searched the above quote and there was an entire thread about this problem. It had me sign out of everything from the “help” tab and then sign back in. That seemed to help. Apparently its a licensing issue with 2022 version of sketchup?

No, I saw a message Mike posted that suggested there were some general problems happening. I noticed that the alert was taken away from the support page, so helpfully that means things have improved.

This was an issue several months ago but it was fixed. Apparently it is back because I am experiencing the same issue again. Very frustrating to have to log off and log back in to open a separate file. Please fix.