Unable to join components to 3D print

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to print a 3D object by designing it on sketchup.

Untitled.skp (320.7 KB)

I am using slic3r for slicing it. Unfortunately, I am not able to get my full object in the Slicer. My initial guess was that I didn’t group it. But that wasn’t the case. Here is image after slicing. Can someone please suggest me some solutions?



As it opens in SketchUp, it is not grouped and there are some internal edges and faces.

It’s easily fixed by deleting the vertical edges that define the internal faces and then making a group or component.

Compare with and without the internal faces.

If you model the thing correctly from the beginning, you can easily avoid the internal faces. Learning to do that will make the process faster and easier. One way to do it.

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Thanks a ton! it worked like a charm!

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