How to explode parts to 3d print



I have a reprap printer and I am a totally beginner. Today I finished my first 3D model usgin sketchup. See it here -> Carrinho3.skp (1.3 MB)

Now I have to slice this 3d model in Slic3r. The problem is that all the parts are all together and if my printer tries to print this model it will be terrible.

So I ask you: is there any command I can execute in Google Skecthup that will align all parts in the same plane side by side so I can easily import them in my printer? Or is there a command that will save each component/group of my sketch in different files so I can import it into my slicing software?


You will be best served by selecting each item that you want to print, one at a time, and exporting a STL for each. Then import those STL files and arrange them in your printing software.


I don’t know of any such extensions, perhaps someone else will suggest some. It’s not terribly difficult in a model as simple as this to move the pieces apart manually. Or do as @TheOnlyAaron suggested and export the parts one at a time to stl. Unless your 3D printer’s software accepts multiple parts in a single file, you will have to create separate files anyway, not simply spread the parts around in space.

But there are some other issues you need to clean up in your model to prepare it for 3D printing.

There is a disk off to the side that is not a component or group, just loose edges and faces, and it also has no thickness. It cannot be 3D printed and may cause some 3D print software to reject your model.

The back wheel assembly (Component#9) contains several nested components. As a result, SU does not consider it to be a “solid”, and some 3D print softwares will also reject it. You need to explode it before exporting.


Thanks guys, I thought there was an easier method to export each element. I will separate the itens inside the component 9, good observation!

If anyone else knows any better method to export all the individual components I would appreciate any suggestion!


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