From woodworking to 3d model

I have a sketchup model with a large 5ft x 5ft model of a dollhouse with lots of individual components. I am using this as a plan for woodworking, but I would like to get a 3D print as a replica / keychain size trinket for my daughter.

I tried exporting the 3d model and importing into a website that offers 3d printing, but the tool didn’t like the model, and I suspect it is because of all the individual components and dado/rabbet cuts.

I want to merge every component in the model into one larger model that combines like vertices/lines/surfaces, but I can’t seem to figure a way to even merge two components to begin.

Has anyone done something like this before, and how did you do it?

Edit: I should mention that I scaled the model down to 5 inches when I submitted it.

Most printers will want an stl file export containing a single solid object (some will accept an object with nested solids). If all of your parts are SketchUp solid objects and touch each other (likely, but you should verify using Entity Info), you can use Tools->Outer Shell to make one big solid from all the contiguous pieces.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you!