Finishing Object for 3D Printing

Hi all,
I’m struggling to merge the 3 groups you see in the file and eliminate (erase?) the sections so that the final object resembles what you see in the screen shot. I’m also really curious how I would prep the entire merged object for 3D printing. Thanks so much for your help.

Key_Fob_02122020.skp (1.8 MB)


Is the ring at the bottom deliberately not lined up with the top and bottom of the rest?
I ask because it will cause a slight issue when printing and makes it harder to use solid tools to remove the point.

But you can just use a circle to chop off the end.
Then if you group all the solid parts it will be printable as is, you don’t need to merge it into one solid these days.

I’m confused, you have said in your profile Sketchup Make and then Version 19, version 19 doesn’t have a Make option. The last Make version was 2017.
Since you said you have 2019 I assumed you had solid tools, but now that I look at the model you uploaded it is a 2017 version.
If that is the case and you only have 2017 Make then you won’t have solid tools, but you can do the same with intersect faces and a bit of cleaning up by deleting the parts you don’t need.
Please correct your profile so that it accurately tells us what you have so we know how to answer your questions efficiently.

I take that back, some models will print happily when they are separate parts, but for some reason yours leaves out bits.
The right one in the image.
So I scale the parts up by 10 and used outer shell to make a single solid. Which printer fine, left in image.
I didn’t print at full size, the right one was a random scale down, the left one that is complete is 0.5.


Can’t hardly ask for better service than that. Show how to fix the model so it’s printable and then print it to show it’s correct.


I actually made a gif showing how to correct the issues in the model and use intersect to remove the pointy bit without using solid tools, but the OP didn’t respond, apart from correcting his profile, so I deleted it.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated my profile to read 17.3.116. So sorry for not responding. I’ve had a family illness that I needed to attend to. Thanks for all of your help Sketchup Community!

Incredible service indeed! Thank you so much Box for taking the time to do that.