New to sketchup and 3d Printing, why won't my simple object slice?


Hey there guys!

Total noob here - I drew this simple object in sketchup and exported it as an stl for printing, but once I got it to slic3r - I’m getting all sorts of errors but I can’t see anything wrong with the object :S

Here is the sketchup file :S any ideas on what i did wrong greatly appreciated :smile:
Tv Bracket .skp (11.8 KB)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


The only thing I see wrong (after quick look) is that a few of the surfaces ( ones darker) are the back faces. Click on these to highlight, right click, then choose “reverse faces” - turn them white. See if this helps.


Thankyou so much!!! :slight_smile: it sliced straight away - however it says “model has overlapping or self intersecting facets…” it still worked :slight_smile: but any idea what thats means?

thanks again! :slight_smile:


Make the object a Solid Group or Solid Component

See these pages by Aidan Chopra…
Understanding Solid Objects in SketchUp


thanks guys :smile:
how exactly do i make it a solid group? not sure if it matters but i am using an older sketchup version on a mac

thanks!! :slight_smile:


In your case it’ll become a Solid very easily…
Make sure all of the faces are consistently oriented outwards [so no blue backs are visible], the select all of the geometry and use ‘Make Group’.
Select it and ‘Entity Info’ will say it’s a ‘Solid Group’.
If it does not include the word ‘Solid’ in the header then there is something wrong.
Typically you have nested non-geometry, faceless edges, holes, internal partition faces etc [every edge must have exactly two faces…].
Using Xray mode and temporary section-cuts can help you see these and delete/fix them.
If the problem is less obvious then there is thomthom’s SolidInspector - v1 shows issues, v2 tries to fix them.
My own SolidSolver also tries to fix issues that prevent ‘solidity’ or would compromise 3d-printing…
Very complex mess-ups cannot be solved by algorithms.
Best to use your brain and do it manually.

Also note that a group/component may report as Solid in Entity Info, but still present exporting or 3d-printing issues…
The incorrectly oriented faces has been mentioned.
Another issue is with self-penetrating objects - where part of the object intersects with itself, but its geometry has not been ‘Intersected’ - this gives a manifold solid as far as SketchUp is concerned, but one that can’t be 3d-printed.
You can always edit the group and select-all and Intersect > Selection.
If it then does not report as a Solid it needs fixing.
My SolidSolver does this step automatically for you - intersecting and fixing if needed…


Operating Systems and SketchUp versions change over time. Help us help you.
Complete your profile so we know exactly what OS version and SketchUp version you’re working with.

It’s not clear what you’re asking…

• How to create Groups and Components?
•What makes them a Solid?

Making Groups and Components

What is a SketchUp Solid

A Solid in SketchUp is a single Group or Component whose geometry meets certain conditions.
When those conditions are met, Entity Info indicates the model is a Solid Group or Solid Component.
Also notice Entity Info indicates the Volume of a selected Solid.

• The geometry must form a single* airtight vessel.
Like a perfect soap bubble … •No gaps •No holes •No leaks

• No extraneous Faces** inside or outside the vessel.
All Faces must serve to enclose the singular volume of the vessel.

• No stray Edges.
All Edges must serve to support a Face that in turn serves to enclose the airtight vessel.
Thus, each Edge supports only two Faces … no more, no less.

• No nested Groups or Components.

*A Solid Group or Solid Component may contain one or more separate airtight vessels.
**Best that all Faces are oriented Front Side (white) facing out.