Unable to group or explode in 2021Pro v21.1.299

This just happened in a model I’ve been working on for several weeks. When I select a group to explode the command is greyed out. Same when I try to create a group.

Any ideas or is this a bug?

Can you share a model that has this behaviour?

Is it true for all groups in the model, or only some? If only some, which ones?

Sure. Here is a DropBox link.

There is a bug that results in grayed out context menu items. The developers are aware of it and working on it. In the meantime shutting SketchUp down and restarting it will rectify the problem for a while. Hopefully we will see an update soon.

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Thank you Dave. I’ll give that a try.

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Is that in SU2020, SU2021 or both?

SU2021.1 Not 2021 or 2020

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