Unable to Get Any Plugins to Work

I am unable to get a particular plugin working (namely, Angular Dimension 2 v6.2 from https://sketchucation.com/plugin/1879-angular_dimension_5). When I attempt to associate/run this plugin (by right-clicking the download file, Angular_Dimension_5_v6.2.rbz, then clicking open, where I am then directed to Sketchup, then clicking “Start using Sketchup”), I get an error message as follows: “This does not appear to be a Sketchup model!” Writing this comment up, I noticed that this plugin is labeled v2 at the sketchucation site but the file has v5 as part of the file name. Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

PS This is the first plugin I have tried to install. After this problem (described above), I tried to download and use other plugins. Same result as above (error message as follows: “This does not appear to be a Sketchup model!”).

PPS I am using Windows10(64bit) and Sketchup Make 2017.

Plugin’s or extensions work inside SketchUp , not the other way around.
Open SketchUp and go to [menu]Window->Extension Manager
Click on the red ‘Install Extension’ button and locate the .rbz file

@MikeWayzovski has already steered you to the right way to install extensions.

Don’t worry about the version numbering or file names (that extension is by me and @john_mcclenahan). We just got a bit careless and inconsistent with them while joint developing it across the Atlantic :wink: They have no effect on anything. The actual .rbz on sketchUcation is ok.

Many thanks!!! Working for me now. Next step, I need to learn all the features of the Angular Dimension plugin.