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Since we now have to pay every year for a subscription how about a request for enhancement/fix request page such as for basics such as angle dimensions in Sketchup/Layout without having to pay for an extension for a basic function.

There are already feature request categories for both SketchUp and LayOut in this forum. They get looked at by the SketchUp and LayOut team members.

And LayOut already has angle dimensioning capability. It has for years. And there’s a freely available extension that adds the capability in SketchUp.

It’s available free from SketchUcation plugin store:

Thanks is the freely available extension for SketchUp up-to-date with 2021?

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I’ve been using it without problems in 2021.

I’ll check whether it shows compatibility with 2021 - if not, I’ll change that. [DONE]

Thanks for the nudge to fix that.

I can’t remember right now when I last updated the signature files (on my phone - can’t do anything about it until later). It’s possible that SketchUp will consider them out of date and refuse to load the extension unless you set your Extension Manager loading policy to unrestricted. However, as John wrote, the extension works just fine in 2021. It’s a pain, but we authors have to resubmit for signature every time SketchUp releases a new version else this happens.

Angular Dimension 2 shows as signed in SU2021.

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@DaveR, @slbaumgartner.

I only updated the ‘compatibility’ and description fields, on the SketchUcation store page a couple of hours ago. Compatibility was only shown up to SU 2019

But AFAIK that wouldn’t have made any difference to the Ruby files, and hence won’t have affected the validity of the signature.

I don’t think, Steve, that we needed to make any changes to the code between SU 2019 and now.

NOT FOUND when searching in Extension Warehouse see screen shot
This is now getting very tiresome please make sure that you check before advising a customer

@john_mcclenahan one of the authors of the extension referred to gave you a direct link to the extension.
Not all extensions are to be found in the extension warehouse.

Thanks I didnt realise that you were an Author I thought I was talking to someone from Trimble. And any way iit is not that the extension will not load it cannot be found in the warehouse . I do not understand what you are talking about with “loading Policy” I am just a user and I do not want to fiddle under the hood just to get my job done. In m y view an angle dimension should be a default in sketchup

I am only interested in using the extension not building it .Why am i benign included in this conversation ?

Perhaps if you stopped relying on email and instead read the forum thread you would be able to follow what is going on.

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The extension is NOT IN the Extension Warehouse. The direct link I gave you above goes to another place where SketchUp extensions can commonly be found.

You were included in the conversation because you asked about using the extension, and there was a possibility you would be confused if you go to the right place, and it said when you installed it, that it was ‘unsigned’.

And that IS of relevance to someone who just wants to use the extension.

So please follow the link to SketchUcation plugin store and the Angular Dimension 2 extension there, and install it to obtain the capability you asked for.

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I don’t remember exactly which version of SketchUp introduced it, but it was in place at least in 2017. It was quite controversial at the time, with many people feeling it was an attempt to impose an Apple App store like restriction on where you can get extensions. At any rate it persists in all versions of SketchUp since then. In a mild form of rebellion, we and multiple other extension authors left our extensions at the SketchUcation Plugin Store (which pre-existed the Extension Warehouse!).

PS: We agree this ought to have been a built-in feature, but it isn’t. There is an angular dimension in LayOut, which the Trimble team regard as the right way to handle 2D annotations to a model. Since there is an extension workaround in SketchUp, they don’t put any priority on creating this feature in SketchUp.

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Thanks i didnt realise that

Oh thanks its just that threads get lost

What link .

Ok got it now i am a bit slow in my old age of 74 thanks for your help

Thanks again it seems that Trimble developers don’t really understand the way many of us use SketchUp. Personally I usually start my models in SketchUp and then when I got them to a stage that I can produce 2D then I send it to Layout. I often find with the younger developers “assume

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