Unable to export 2D JPG or PNG but I can export PDF

I get this error: “The export failed or was canceled”

Any ideas what is causing this>

What export settings have you selected in Options?

Here’s what I have set up.

Where are you trying to save the exported file to?

To a local drive that I have permission to access. Ie. my desktop.

Does this happen with any model?

Yes, and the models are saved locally as well.

Hmmm… It may be that @slbaumgartner has an idea for you.

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Ok, thank you for your input!

Why are your height / width options shown in different units ?
Surely you want “pixels” for both Width and Height ?
The current Height of 1080 inches is 90 feet !
While the specified Width of 1920 px is about 27 inches [much more manageable for a document] !
Surely you mean the Height to be 1080 pixels ??


Good catch.

Very good point, I adjusted the unit to be pixels and it didn’t fix the issue. I still can’t export the jpeg.

I did the same thing yesterday with px and mm, but didn’t spot your error…

for some reason SU needed a restart before it exported correctly…


the raster export (as well as printing) is dependend on the OpenGL stack provided by the graphics card driver resp. operating system.

You may want try if decreasing the Anti-Aliasing setting (4x is regularly more than good eonough) and/or deactivating the maximum texture size option in SUs OGL settings at “SketchUp > Preferences > OpenGL” does allow to export a raster data from LO:
Restart LO after doing this.

btw, what does “Graphics Card Details” show? If “intel HD” switching to the Radeon (?) might help too.