Problems with dimension lines distorting when exporting 2D graphic jpegs

I’m having issues with files when exporting a 2D graphic as jpeg. When I export a view, some of the dimensions that I have pulled on the drawing show up distorted in the jpeg file. It only happens to some of the dimensions, some render just fine. Any ideas on what may cause this?

Your profile states you’re using a Mac. I’m not sure if the settings are exactly the same for Apple devices but have you tried turning off the Hardware Acceleration from the SketchUp Preferences and trying to export again? Since this happens to only some of the dimensions, it hints at a hardware issue, I think.

I didn’t see anywhere in the sketchup preferences for hardware acceleration. Thanks for the input. I’ll do some digging.

If this can help you, the setting is found under the OpenGL settings from System Preferences in Windows OS:

its a little different on the Mac. no hardware acceleration.

You have SU 2017. The option to turn off hardware acceleration went away after SU 2016. But I think there have been some reports of issues between the new rendering in SU 2017 and certain Mac hardware. Unless the issue comes down to Apple needing to fix a driver, there may be a maintenance release from Trimble at some point.

thank you. I’m awaiting a reply from Trimble. I guess I’ll wait a bit longer.

Well how about trying the vector export to PDF ?

Try the PNG raster export ?