Viewport looks great, image export does not

Hey all, any idea why the lines in the viewport looks really smooth and anti-aliased but when I export a JPG or a PNG it looks really jaggy and crummy? I have gone into photoshop with a big export and downsample from there, but I was wondering if there is anything I could do so I can skip photoshop when I am in a hurry?

See viewport vs jpg export below and note the differences in the edge quality.

Could you post a screenshot of the image export settings you’re using?

Sure thing, see below. I have tried different sizes and switched between jpg, png, and bmp to see if there was any magic to it. I am on a beefy Quadro RTX card.


Could you try installing SU2019.2 and seeing if the new line scale multiplier feature improves the output? You can get 2019.2 from the following link (don’t uninstall SU2017):

And there you have it.

Controlling viewport aspect ratio saves image editing time.
Perhaps you’re already using this.

Eneroth Viewport Resizer

mchandler, thanks – I am on a company laptop and we have not rolled out 2019.2 yet – still running 2019 so I’ll report back when I have it.

Geo, the photoshop downsampling trick has always worked for me, but when I have a handful of scenes it’d be nice to not have to go through the extra steps – sure I can create a photoshop action to save time and what not, but I was just asking why the discrepancy if the viewport already looks good.

This is also a larger issue because when I link views into layout for a bigger document they also carry over the same anti-aliasing issue unless I do hybrid mode which is a non-starter for larger files.

JPG is a “lossy” format. I’d say prefer PNG.

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JPG is designed for photographs. They can take a lot of compression with little degradation of quality. Images with flat colour areas, like a SketcUp view, start to show ugly artifacts with only a little compression applied.


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