Anti-Aliasing Issue with Export to 2D Graphic



When I export a scene as a 2D Graphic, the anti-aliasing in the exported image is not matching what I have on my screen. I haven’t had this problem with previous versions of SketchUp (I’m using 2017 Pro). I’ve adjusted the AA settings in my preferences, but it doesn’t make any difference. Also, it does not matter whether I export as a jpeg or png.

Please see the attached image. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Anti aliasing issue with export to 2D graphic > my solution

Export as PDF either from Sketchup or preferably LayOut and it should be clean as a whistle.


Have you turned on Antialiasing from the Export options? It is a setting that is independent of what your screen is set to display.



Yes, I’ve turned anti-aliasing on in the export options. No luck.

If I export as a PDF, the anti-aliasing works, however my texture maps don’t show up!

I would like to know if anyone else gets this AA anomaly when exporting to jpeg or png.


I have experienced similar missing parts with PDF Sketchup export.
If you send to LayOut then export as PDF you should be fine.


The built-in PDF/EPS exporter in SketchUp Pro exports vector graphics only, mainly for technical type documents or postprocessing with vector graphics editors like Illustrator or Inkscape… Thus no texture maps, shadows or other raster effects. Antialiasing is also a raster effect. Vector graphics can be reduced or enlarged with no effect on quality.



When I export raster images from SketchUp I always turn Antialiasing off, and export to a very high resolution. Then I resample the image to its correct size and resolution in Photoshop. This gives me better looking antialiasing than what SketchUp can do, and nice looking thin lines.



@Anssi Thanks for the info.


Just an FYI, always restart SketchUp after making any changes in the OpenGL panel.


Yes thank you, I’m aware of the difference between raster and vector images. That is not the point.

This anti-aliasing issue with exported 2D images seems more like a bug to me rather than user error. As I’ve said, this was never a problem in the 2015 or 2016 versions. I shouldn’t have to do a bunch of extra steps or jump to other software just to export a true representation of what I’m seeing in my viewport.

If anyone else can do a straight export from SketchUp to jpeg or png without having this anti-aliasing issue, then there is something wrong on my end.


FTR, the viewport is rendered sing the Khronos OpenGL libraries. The exports use other various open source libraries (see: menu > Help > About > Open Source Credits.)
So, from a technical point of view, differences are not surprising. SketchUp 2017 has changed it’s view pipeline to using OpenGL 3 contexts (after perhaps 8 years or more using OpenGL v2.) So, hiccups are not totally unexpected. But yes we don’t have “like them”.

There is (or was) a Mac anti-aliasing bug in the first 2 releases of SU2017. I think it was fixed for many machines with the M2 release.


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