Unable to download Extensions - AJAX HTTP error

Hi, i’ve tried multiple times to download different extensions, but repeatedly get an error:

“An AJAX HTTP error occured. HTTP Result Code:500”

Am i doing something wrong? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I’m seeing it, too. It may be due to some issue on the server side. I tried clearing IE caches but no joy.

same in the UK on a mac, so I agree with Dave, that indicates a problem at the site…


This appears to be a universal problem when downloading a plugin from Extension Warehouse. I too just encountered the error. No problem with getting plugins through SketchUcation or Smustard.

@Barry is there any relief in sight?

There’s been a few reports of this - it’s being investigated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Does it happen all the time for all extensions?

It happened for all extensions I tried last night. I just tried one now (SSB) and it installed just fine. Maybe the problem has been solved?

Mine’s working now. Anyone still seeing it?

It’s still going on…