AJAX Error when downloading from Extension Warehouse

Whenever I try downloading an extension from the extension warehouse it comes up with the following message:

I have downloaded from the extension warehouse previously with no issues - why is this happening now? I really need this extension to finish a project for uni!

It has been happening and they are working on it. If you really need the extension, download it using your internet browser and install it with Install Extension in Preferences.

This comes up when going through my internet browser and the app itself. I’ve managed to download a different extension because it had and external link, but unfortunately the one that I need doesn’t have that.

Oh well, thanks for you help!
Hopefully they fix it soon

What’s the extension?

this one: https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/bezier-curve-tool

there are probably a bunch of other extensions that do the same thing, I’ll just have to go hunting around I guess

I’m sure they’ll get it fixed soon. If you need to draw Bezier curves, perhaps you should get Fredo’s Bezier Spline extension from Sketchucation. It’s got a better Bezier curve tool, anyway.

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Thanks I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Yup, working on it…

I have a problem now with downloading extensions.

I get the error Ajax http error occured code 200.

Downloading any extension is not possible anymore.

What can I do?