Unable to dimension a back elevation

I have a back elevation on my first page, and a floor plan on the second. I was able to dimension the floor plan, but the dimensioning tool doesn’t seem to want to snap to the points I want across the back. It snaps to a point, shows a red dashed line as I move to the next point, but when I click the final point nothing happens…or, rather, it seems to be snapping to something behind the view I see. In the picture above, I clicked on the top right hand corner of the door and then dragged the measurement too to the right, wanting to get the distance from the door to the edge of the building. It also won’t dimension, for example, the deck width.

Can you share the LO file?

B-Johnson.layout (8.3 MB)

When I opened your LO file I found that the active layer was the “On Every Page” layer and the viewport is on the “Default” layer. Adding dimensions on the On Every Page layer would put them behind the viewport which would be a problem.

I noticed you’ve made the Dimensions layer shared so entities created on that layer will be displayed on every page.

Make that layer not shared and set it to be active before adding your dimensions like you did on the other page. Then you shouldn’t have any trouble with the dimensions for the elevation.

Thanks Dave. Muddling my way through after not using Layout for a year. Ugh!
Thanks for the help!

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