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Hi! So I’ve been trying to derive an inverse shell/ negative of a not so straighforward door handle so that the same can be given for 3D printing. I seem to be unable to intersect the object with another. Sketchup keeps mentioning that it isnt a solid object, even after the holes/ gaps have been fixed. Please help. Uploading the 3d cad file for your reference as sketchup file is too big. I’m stuck at a point where importing the AutoCad 3D file into sketchup gives me the 3D model but unable to create a negative/ shell beyond that point.

PS: I’ve also read another thread on this forum pertaining to the same topic but nothing seems to be helping.

Drawing2.dwg (427.4 KB)


If SketchUp says it’s not solid it’s not solid. There can be tiny holes that are impossible to see that still prevents an object from being solid. Luckily ThomThom has created his Solid Inspector just for this :slight_smile: !



It might not be holes preventing the solid. Could be internal faces or stray edges.

Instead of the dwg file, upload the SKP so we can see what you are getting.


That’s the model.


Solid Inspector2 shows the following.

You can get ThomThom’s Solid Inspector2 in the Extension Warehouse.

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