Unable to connect to Trimble ID

I’m unable to connect to TID, or 3D Warehouse or Extension Manager.
When I click on the TID icon in SU20, it only opens a Safari page with no spaces to fill email and password.
Any idea ??

That has happened to a number of people who use an ad blocker. You need to whitelist accounts.sketchup.com and id.trimble.com

Thank you for your quick answer.
I’m actually using Adblock Plus on Safari 14.1.2.
Whitelisted the two, here is the answer for id.trimble.com :

{“message”:"Missing Authentication Token”}

And for accounts.sketchup.com, it tells me that “Safari fails to open the page because the server unexpectedly interrupted the connection.”

As well, do you think a VPN could cause such troubleshooting??

It might. Can you try without that, and also with the ad blocker turned off completely?

No changes without VPN and without Adblocker.
And, as well, Podium browser in SU Podium 2.6 trial version (trial before upgrading from 2.5 to make a test), and my extension manager in SU 20 do not work. Says it can’t connect to the internet, though a good connection.
Seems that everything is linked, it worked fine until 1 month ago (SU 19 / SU podium 2.5).
I updated my system to Mojave then to SU20 and Podium 2.6. Nothing works anymore…