UI Glitch with Materials menu dropdown windows 10 sketchup 2021

OS: Windows 10 20H2
System: Dell XPS 17 9700 running latest bios

When using the Materials drop down menu and moving the cursor through the various categories the text is oddly compressed together vertically and the highlighting remains partially around each title as you move past them. I am still able to select the desired material without issue. the Bug seems to be purely graphical.

See bottom right of screenshot attached.


If it’s purely graphical, have you looked for updates for your geforce gtx 870m ?
could also be a windows update, did you have any recently ?

Sorry I’ll have to update my profile. New computer specs as per the post. This version of the XPS 17 is running an RTX-2060. All drivers are updated. I have been experimenting with forcing the dedicated card to run SketchUp in Nividia control panel vs leaving it set to auto adapt between dedicated and integrated intel. its currently set to auto.

What if you force to use Integrated graphics ? We’ll then know if it’s NVIDIA or Windows related