Ugrading from Pro 2020 to Pro 2021 installation terminates

I have Sketchup Pro annual plan but I have to install Sketchup 2021. I have downloaded the installation file an started the installation about half way through the installation terminates. I can open my Sketchup classic 2020 and when I check for updates it says one is available but takes me to the same download page from which I downloaded the 2021 installation file.The end of the installation log is:

1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: Action returned value 0x00000000
1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: Action ‘FixUp_ProgIDs_Again’ returned status 0x00000000
1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: Skipping event ‘StartVR_IfChecked’ since condition is false
1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: Engine: all operations completed, final status: 80070643
1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: UI DLL: Shutting down
1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: Original exit status: 0x80070643, final exit status: 0x00000643
1-22-2021[03:23:30 PM]: State manager: removing staging files from: C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Temp{62E13472-BFF4-43A6-9881-94B5A551E3AD}\

FYI I have the latest driver for my video card.

Try to repair the installation by rightclicking on the installer file and chosing ‘Run as administrator’

There also might be a Visual library gone bad, check this thread for unistalling those, first:

Thanks for the response. Turns out something was interfering with the install. Had the same problem when I tried to install HR Block software. I did a cold reboot and the HR Block software installed so I tried SketchUp and it also installed. Whatever was interfering required a shutdown and cold reboot to clear it.